Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Some Would Say 021 - Experience Selfish Inadmissible Perseverance "X"

Welcome back! We got a really good one this time. Joining us again is Daphne. And making his Some Would Say debut...RICO!!! We offer up beer selling tips to help local breweries go global while retaining that local flavor...because we are such successful beer makers :/. Dogs usually live all the way to death. We also discuss the new Zodiac and Matt offers a ground-breaking realization. This also sees the return of the Devil's Dictionary and the Craigslist Creep! We hate DST. Sports talk! We are pro skirt.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Some Would Say 019 - Muted Microphone

Hey! I'm so sad, guise. As I pulled the file for editing, I realized that there were suspicious dead spots. Well it turns out that the microphone kept going mute (I currently believe I know what the issue is) and so we lost over half of this episode. And there was some really good stuff in there, like the fecal beard. Lost to the ages. Oh well. Welcome Daphne to the show! Enjoy what will now be our shortest episode, by accident.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Some Would Say 018 - Pod Blocking

Howdy folks, we are back. This is a very special episode where we (Jenna) managed to get Rolling Thunder on the podcast. Also Chris came along and had nuggets of brilliance to feed us. Tom (rolling thunder) mostly dissed the podcast the whole time and provided us with much stuff we had to cut out. No preview for you...listen to the episode or follow us on Twitter @SomeWouldSayPod

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Some Would Say 017 - Boehner-Koch

Hey. We back. Long time gone. Deal with it.This pod was recorded from psychadelicm's new house...in the basement. Way less cutting of background noise! We cover a lot of topics...from Zika and Fifa toJesus and adoption. Kilts vs eyepatches? Yeah. Marianas Trench is awesome. We talked about politics for like 20 minutes. You hate it, we can't stop ourselves. Oh and we did a Craigslist Creep! Yay! Good times. Then we sang a special song to a die-hard listener/viewer. We are happy to be back!

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