Friday, December 19, 2014

Some Would Say 012 - We Can't Breathe

Hello listeners/viewers! Good news: this is another shorter one...since I seem to have managed to lose the first 20 minutes or so, where, if I recall correctly, we talked mostly about The Walking Dead. Don't fret though, we talked about it again later in the episode! In this episode we bring our Ferguson views late to the game. We discuss loosies, criming while white, and bourbon! Oh and there is a very creepy creep!

Enjoy this latest edition recorded less than two weeks ago! I'm trying. Hopefully we will be able to get another one recorded soon!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some Would Say 011 - The Creep Is Real

Well hello there! I didn't see you come in! Whatever. This episode was recorded two months ago so it is none too fresh! Life is busy. We should be recording again in two days. No teasers for this one; it is short, just give it a listen. Thanks listeners/viewers!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some Would Say 010 - Nocturnal Emissions And Varts

Hello dear listeners/viewers! We are back again with another tantalizing episode of the Some Would Say podcast! This one is really long. Sorry about that. Hang in there. This time we talk about back pain, caves, Slow Turnin', "varts", open carry, drive thrus, toilet etiquette, cannabis legalization spat between the NYT and the WH, and so so so much more! Join us, won't you?

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Oh, and Matt LOVES Butt Drugs!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Would Say 009 - Segue

Hello there loyal listeners/viewers! Welcome to another episode of the Some Would Say podcast! This interval of time's episode brings with it a guest appearance by our honorary member Miss Mayen. We have a fun discussion involving shout-outs, superpowers, abortion, Matt's haters, and the way we write the date. Also introducing new themes for newly named segments! Something we can all "enjoy"! Megan leaves and we have an intense conversation about conservatives and how ideology is dangerous. The Craigslist Creep involves gnomes! Gay penguins make Jenna cry, and Abe Lincoln probably smoked weed.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Some Would Say 008 - Pod of Dope Part 2

And here we are again! This is part 2 of our 2 part series on verbal abuse. In this episode we find out things like Viz hates Matt, Firefly sucks, dogs aren't people, and Matt really has a problem with mc chris. You won't want to miss Jenna's Craigslist Creep...this person knows how to bury the the most hilarious way possible! Oh we also talk about bronies and fetishes (sort of). Enjoy this magical adventure of magic and adventure! You know the drill (follow us on twitter).

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Some Would Say 007 - Pod of Dope Part 1

Well hello there! Fancy meeting you here. Whatever. This episode may be one of my favorites yet. We have a very special guest...Jenna's mom! She was a real treat to have really don't want to skip this one. In this episode we find out that Skittles are evil, Jenna gave her mom diabetes, astronauts drank Tang, and the Washington Redskins name is probably racist. We also discuss many other things such as butt fuckers, slenderman, and Jonah Hill should apologize for not being funny. We really hope you enjoy listening/viewing as much as we enjoyed recording. This episode went real we broke it up into two parts. Follow us on Twitter for live tweets of the editing process as well as updates on when we are recording @SomeWouldSayPod!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some Would Say 006 - The Worst One Yet

Hello! This was not our best. Feel free to not listen to this one and we will do better next time. We discuss Celsius, decanters, Memorial Day, Indy, Jenna's naked racist baby doll (look for a pic on twitter soon), Maya Angelou, speeding, insurance, getting drunk at an anime convention, and "chem trails". Among other things. Skip to about 38 minutes in for our recurring segment. I don't know, whatever.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Some Would Say 005 - Racist

Hello! Welcome back! Here we have another exciting episode of Some Would Say. In this episode we cover blunt paper, alcohol killing people, our strong friendliness to the gays, our stance on cannabis legalization, and other things. Jenna is a human racist (she thinks humans suck) and Matt is a human supremacist (humans for the win).  We had a lot of fun recording this much fun (read so drunk) that we couldn't finish the recording...Matt couldn't anyway. The Craigslist Creep(er) segment has a theme! Enjoy the show!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Some Would Say 004 - The Uncircumcision

Howdy! This episode is brought to you by the we aren't doing that. We had a lot of fun doing this episode! Jenna brought a really killer "Craigslist Creeper" that was just...great. Recorded Friday and posted Sunday. Yeah, we are getting serious now. Recorded on our brand new microphone! Hopefully no more technical difficulties! Here are some links slash pictures to go with your listening pleasure!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Some Would Say 003 - Technical Difficulties

I wanted so much for you, our dear listeners, to hear this entire was a real winner. We have the introduction of Megan or "Mayen", our first official guest, who we hope will be a semi regular guest, but will hopefully direct her voice towards the mic next time. We should have noticed the distance between her and the recorder, but we did not so a recording that was 1 hour and 38 minutes got chopped down to around 56 minutes. Anyway, enjoy this episode. We forgot to introduce the show and we forgot to close it out coherently, but in our defense, we were drunk. Some would say wasted. See what I did there?

Some Would Say 003

Friday, May 2, 2014

Some Would Say 002 - Let's All Wear Catheters!

In this episode, we talk about movies, pronunciation, circumcision, and bullying...among other things. Also the theme music has been added! Jenna and Matt were sober for this less cutting had to be done. Enjoy our casual conversation!

Some Would Say 002

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some Would Say - 001

Welcome to the first episode! It is actually like the sixth episode...but those others will probably never see the light of day! I'm (M) lazy so minimal editing is done on this. We have a theme that I didn't bother to use! Look...I just want to get this up because once it is up, this becomes a thing. I will put more effort into the next one...I promise. Stick it out! The frequency of this is yet to be determined. Deal with it. Sound is probably bad...this isn't a class operation. Recorded with my Note 3. Enjoy our discussion of current events from a month or so ago! Alcohol was involved. Follow us on Twitter:
Some Would Say - 001
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Also, if we offended know what to do (refer to our discussion of "butthurt").